Reading List: How Big a Role Do Private Equity Firms Play in US Economy? (Video Edition)

20th January 2012

How Big a Role Do Private Equity Firms Play in US Economy?

As private equity firms gain more attention this election season, Judy Woodruff discusses whether private equity activity is more focused on short-term profits or the long-term health of companies with The Riverside Company's Stewart Kohl and author Josh Kosman. PBS News hour


Where Have Massive Levels of Sovereign Debt Come From?

Philip Coggan, author of 'Paper Promises' says: "ever since debt began and money began to be exchanged, we have had long crisis in which so much debt has been accumulated that the debtors have failed to repay and in that crisis the monetary system tends to be reformed." CNBC


Stiglitz Says Slower China Growth Probably `Good Thing'

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz talks about China's economic growth and Europe's sovereign debt crisis. He also discusses the U.S economy and the credibility of credit-rating agencies. He speaks in Hong Kong with John Dawson on Bloomberg Television's "Asia Edge." Bloomberg


William Engdahl: US economy goes down the tube by days

Starling claims about the US economy from author and financial analyst F. William Engdahl: "If any economy is in danger I would put the focus on the American economy, which is simply going down the tube every month, every week, every day, so there the situation has no prospect of getting better." Russia Today


Decisive issue for 2012: The economy

Paul Krugman and Ken Rogoff discuss politics and the economy. Krugman believes the U.S. should "borrow and spend more" in order to boost the economy. CNN

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