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26th April 2012

Political Costs of the Great Recession

Mark Harrison writes that rise of right wing extremism in Europe today is analogous to what happened during the Great Depression. And like then, the search for alternatives to liberal capitalism will be extremely costly and completely pointless. Mark Harrison's Blog


Seven questions about global markets

Here's a good one to start us off: "Why has neither Greece nor Germany left EMU, yet? Or even, why did they ever get in?" FT Alphaville


Michael Lind on American Economic History

The American economy has been driven by waves of technological change and the successful adoption of ideas from elsewhere. The author of Land of Promise tells us how it happened, and what history teaches us about the way ahead. The Browser


Infographic: Football Financial Crisis and the Fistful of Dollars

With Glasgow Rangers and Portsmouth Football Club having had to call in the administrators in recent times, this infographic shares some great facts and figures about just how much debt some clubs are in. Submit Infographics


How Europe's Double Dip Could Become America's

"Money moves across borders at the speed of an electronic impulse. Wall Street banks are enmeshed into a global capital network extending from Frankfurt to Beijing. That means that notwithstanding their efforts to dress up balance sheets, the biggest U.S. banks are more fragile than they've been at any time since 2007." Robert Reich


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