Reading List: How the informal economy could help save the rest of It

10th January 2012

How the Informal Economy Could Help Save the Rest of It

Robert Neuwirth uses Alex McFarland – an itinerant New York City candy vendor who pulls in $150 a day to explain how promoting the informal economy would save the rest of the economy. Harvard Business Review Blog Network


Just How Scary Is the Gold Standard?

"So how scary is the gold standard? Scarier than you think." David Glaser uses the economic blogosphere to figure out what going back on a gold standard would mean. Uneasy Money


Keeping a lid on it

Ryan Avent thinks a small increase in the inflation rate would be a great help for the US economy and in particular its labour market. He therefore focuses on the constraints facing the Fed: "When you're in a liquidity trap, religious adherence to an inflation-rate target is problematic." The Economist


The Foreclosure Crisis: A Government in Denial

"The financial crisis began with the housing crisis and it will not end until we resolve housing." Bruce Judson says Congress and the adminstration should take note of the Federal Reserve's warning that housing is the greatest threat to the economy. New Deal 2.0


An Exit Strategy From the Euro

Robert J. Barro: The euro can be phased out the same way Europe's individual currencies were. The bonds of troubled member states would benefit as a result. Hoover Institution


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