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13th December 2011

It's official: the BoE's money printing achieved almost nothing

JP Floru highlights a report by the Bank for International Settlements, which show that the real effect of  quantitative easing back in 2009 was about a quarter of what the Bank of England claimed it to be. Adam Smith


The UK and the Eurozone in the Shifting Global Economy

Danny Quah analyses the economic position of both the UK and the Eurozone given the emergence of China and India in the global economy. He believes this will give us a better indicator of why these economies are currently facing difficulties. Danny Quah


The European Instability and Stagnation Pact

"The European Stability and Growth Pact that seems to be delivering exactly the opposite of what the name of the title suggests: Instability and lack of growth." Antonio Fatas


When markets fail

Bill Mitchell argues that markets are not "regulators" of good judgment and the governments we elect have to make markets work for us not the other way around. Billy Blog


Europe Crisis Tracker

See economic, political and market news from across Europe as governments and financial institutions deal with the continuing debt crisis. The Big Picture


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