Reading List: Jim O’Neill picks the next BRICs (video edition)

13th January 2012


Jim O'Neill Picks the Next BRICs

Jim O'Neill, creator of the acronym BRICs 10 years ago, is positive on the prospects of the BRIC economies but also of other "growth" markets such as Turkey and Mexico. He talks to Tracy Corrigan. The Wall Street Journal


Nobel laureate Sargent on QE3 and the US economy

QE3 is a sideshow for the Federal Reserve, says economist and Nobel laureate Thomas Sargent. "The Fed is limited in what it can do since rates are already so low." Reuters


2012 GOP Candidate's Economic Plan Review & Grades

The Majority of Americans view the Economy as the #1 concern in the 2012 Election. How do the remaining GOP Candidate's Plan for the Economy stack up to each other and the current Big Government Spend Fest of Obama? Take a look and find out. Fox News


Liu Says Property Slump `Major Risk' to China's Economy

Liu Li-Gang, head of Greater China economics at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., talks about the outlook for China's economy. China's export growth slowed in December, reflecting weakening global demand and the fallout from Europe's debt crisis. Bloomberg


Robert Murphy Rips Economic Illiterate Paul Krugman

Free market economist Robert Murphy picks apart Paul Krugman's latest piece in which he essentially says debt doesn't matter because "we owe it to ourselves." Fox Business


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