Reading List: McAlinden Doubts Europe Crisis to Cause U.S. Recession (video edition)

9th December 2011


BoE holds rates, but more QE seen likely, says economist

The Bank of England has left interest rates on hold and has not made any fresh bond buys, but FxPro Chief Economist Simon Smith says more quantitative easing now looks likely in February. Reuters


EU Summit Is Not the End Station: Economist

Economist Jens Larsen: "obviously this is not the end station, if someone was expecting this summit to be the end station and that we would see the ECB unleashed on Monday to show up European sovereign markets, then they are going to be confounded, this takes time." CNBC


McAlinden Doubts Europe Crisis to Cause US Recession

Joseph McAlinden, chief investment officer at Catalpa Capital LLC, talks about the potential impact of Europe's sovereign-debt crisis on the U.S economy. He also discusses China's economy, the U.S. housing market and his investment strategy. Bloomberg


Stephanie Flanders – Reporting the Eurozone Crisis

The BBC Economics Editor – Stephanie Flanders give her views on reporting the crisis in the Eurozone. BBC


China's Economic Rise and the Global Economy

China's Economic Rise and the Global Economy was a panel discussion with Professor Dwight Perkins (Harvard), Professor Barry Naughton (University of California San Diego), Dr. Justin Lin, Chief Economist at The World Bank. Brown University


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