Reading List: Opportunities for Investors to Profit Despite Economy (video edition)

16th December 2011


Western economic crisis like Japan's lost decade?

A look at the Japanese with their lost decade, and how the West could learn from it. The answer is the West can't because they are repeating the exact same mistakes which are crippling economies. BBC Newsnight


Ulrich Says China Economy Hard Landing `Very Unlikely'

Jing Ulrich, Hong Kong-based chairman of global markets for China at JPMorgan Chase & Co., talks about the nation's economy. Ulrich also discusses Europe's sovereign debt crisis. Bloomberg


Ex-IMF economist Ken Rogoff on European crisis and Euro

Former chief economist at the IMF Ken Rogoff gives his views on the European economic crisis, and the slow death of the Euro currency. Sky News


Opportunities for Investors to Profit Despite Economy

Mittleman Brothers Managing Partner Chris Mittleman on how investors can profit despite the sluggish economy and volatile markets. Fox Business


Congress Avoiding Government Shutdown

Congress agrees on a spending deal to avoid a government shutdown. John Harwood has the details. CNBC


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