Reading List: Politics vs Economics

28th September 2011


Politics vs. Economics

Thomas Sowell of explains why political meddling even on a local level can have economic consequences internationally. He says that the U.S. government's crusade for "affordable housing" was one of the main causes of the housing bubble which caused the economic crisis in late 2007.


Placing a Bet on Brazil

With good investment opportunities looking scarce in the current global economic climate, look no further. The New York Times highlights a report by JP Morgan in which investors in both North America and Europe are upbeat about the investment opportunities in Latin America, particularly Brazil.


Europe's high-risk gamble

In a blog for Reuters, Harvard economics professor Martin Feldstein suggests two reasons why political leaders in France and Germany are trying so hard to prevent Greece from doing the inevitable and defaulting on its debt.


Banks: How Big Is too Big?

It's often been asked by the public why some financial institutions are too big to fail? In a video interview, Gerald Epstein economist and blogger for Triple Crisis gives his view on the matter.


Does Economics Still Progress?

In his latest column for The New York Times Paul Krugman questions whether economics has progressed since 1971 – the beginning of the recession in the 1970s. He argues that unlike economist back in 71' who learned from the Depression in the 1930s, economists today are not acknowledging the disasters of their models that couldn't explain the ongoing crisis.

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