Reading List: Seven principles for arguing with economists

17th January 2012

Seven principles for arguing with economists

Noah Smith has constructed a short list of fallacious arguments that you may encounter should find yourself in an argument with an economist. Noahpinion


Economics Made Simple

Glowing review of Madsen Pirie's new book Economics Made Simple: "The book is not only a first class primer in economics, and one that demystifies it, but it also makes the basic principles underlying economics seem like no more than simple common sense!" Adam Smith Institute


How to Create a Depression

European political leaders may be about to agree to a fiscal plan which, if implemented, could push Europe into a major depression. Martin Feldstein says it would be much smarter to focus on the difference between cyclical and structural deficits, and to allow deficits that result from so-called "automatic stabilizers." Project Syndicate


Friends and Strangers: A Meditation on Money

Economists tell us barter comes first, develops in money, and matures in credit systems.  But if history is anything to go by then barter emerges when credit and money collapse. Front Porch Republic


Winners and losers

How have the world's big economies fared since 2007? According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's forecasts, people in Britain, America, France and Japan will be less well-off in 2012 than they were in 2007. The Economist


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