Reading List: The Anatomy of Global Economic Uncertainty

21st November 2011


Is deflation the real threat to investors' portfolios?

Despite a small drop in inflation last week, the rate is still way ahead of target at 5%. So why are industry experts warning about a deflationary environment? Maria Merricks and Joanna Faith report. Investment Week


Daniel Hamermesh on Economics is Fun

Is economics actually fun? "Oh gosh, yes! Of course it's fun. Partly because it's relevant, but partly because there are an awful lot of things that are basically just fun stories." That's the emphatic response of Professor Daniel Hammermesh. The Browser


Economists Get a Platform for Policy Debates

David Wessel informs us that a new website is assembling what it calls "the world's best economics department" in a bid to give prominent academic economists a louder and unfiltered voice in key public-policy debates. Wall Street Journal


The Anatomy of Global Economic Uncertainty

 Mohamed A. El-Erian gives a grim assessment of the future of the global economy. "The sense of uncertainty prevailing in the West is palpable, and rightly so: people are worried about their future. Unfortunately, things will become even more unsettling in the months and years ahead." Project Syndicate


Rolls-Royce tastes lead to fiat money – time we wean ourselves off high debt

"People will borrow too much as long as the 1% have all the cash but until private indebtedness is cut, we'll be living with the eurozone crisis." That's the view of economics editor Larry Elliot. The Guardian


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