Reading List: The Behavioural Economist’s Guide to Buying Presents

15th December 2011

The Behavioural Economist's Guide to Buying Presents

Jordan Weissmann has compiled a few findings into a Behavioral Economist's Guide to Gift Giving. Here's a snippet: "Money is the soundest gift for one simple reason: It guarantees that the recipient gets exactly what they want." The Atlantic


London vs. the Eurozone

Howard Davis: "David Cameron's veto of the plan to save the euro was a big gamble, and suggests that the UK is shuffling towards the EU exit." Project Syndicate


Top economists reveal their graphs of 2011

Some of the world's top economists share their insights into this year's extraordinary financial developments, particularly in the eurozone, by choosing a graph which helps explain events so far and what lies ahead. BBC


Bernanke's 29 Trillion Dollar Fog of Deceit

Randall Wray on the Fed's $29 trillion asset purchases: "It is certain that no government anywhere, ever, has committed so much to benefit so few. Wall Street owes the Fed a big fat wet kiss. That's a kiss Chairman Bernanke apparently does not want." Credit Writedowns


The Trade Debacle With China

Wolf Richter talks about America's trade deficit with China: "It's politically convenient to blame China. But the driver behind the trade deficit is a broad and enduring strategy by US corporations to shift an ever increasing range of economic activities from the US to China." Zero Hedge


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