Reading List: The Euro in a Shrinking Zone

19th December 2011

The Euro in a Shrinking Zone

The euro will survive, but the zone will shrink, sending shock waves around the world. "But sometimes shock waves are needed to break the ice and start the water flowing again." Project Syndicate


Daron Acemoglu on Inequality

The US, the UK and many other countries have become far less equal over the past 30 years. The MIT economics professor says it's important we understand how and why this happened, and what it means for our societies. The Browser



Correlation is not causation. A lot of bad things happened after Lehman failed. "But there is little evidence that letting Lehman fail caused those bad things."  Cafe Hayek


Freakonomics: What Went Wrong?

"We and others have noted a discouraging tendency in the Freakonomics body of work to present speculative or even erroneous claims with an air of certainty." Andrew Gelman and Kaiser Fung examine the very popular statistics series. American Scientist


Zero-sum thinking on immigration is hurting the economy

So as we export trained engineers to Australia, and they export commodities to China, you would expect us to see an opportunity: Britain could use its large education sector to train people from all over the world, bringing in large amounts of investment and skill. Wrong! Henry Oliver looks at the economics of immigration. Adam Smith


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