Reading List: The greater depression

30th January 2012

The Greater Depression

With the ongoing slump in Britain now longer and deeper than the slump in the 1930s, Paul Krugman believes his original critique of austerity is "holding up pretty well," despite some right-leaning British papers demanding that he shut up. The Conscience of a Liberal


Francis Fukuyama on the Financial Crisis

The author of "The End of History" says the financial crisis revealed a great deal about the nature of America's political and economic system. The shame, he says, is that opportunities to change it are now being ignored. The Browser


Latin America's Stymied Innovators

Andres Velasco says the main challenge facing Latin America is to transform its huge natural-resource wealth into the kind of wealth that does not run out, because it is constantly enlarged by human creativity. Project Syndicate


Arnold Kling's right: Just as Keynes pointed out

Tim Worstall says Arnold Kling is right to point out that there's more to the current economic woes than just a shortage of aggregate demand. We're going through a period of quite rapid economic change and this leads to restructuring. "The policy takeaway from this being that simple stimulus spending just to get us back to where we were, just won't work." Adam Smith Institute


Waiting for the green light

Which emerging economies have the most monetary and fiscal firepower? This chart ranks 27 emerging economies according to their policy "wiggle-room." The Economist


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