Reading List: ‘The Myth of Government Cuts’

20th October 2011


America at Stall Speed?

"Judging from the skittishness of both markets and "consensus expectations," US economic prospects remain truly confusing. This situation is both understandable and increasingly dangerous for America's well-being and that of the global economy." Project-Syndicate


The myth of government cuts

"Despite all the howls about austerity, government spending is still growing, and growing fast, in both cash terms and real terms. True, some capital projects are being cut: but not enough to bring down the total amount that government spends." Adam Smith


What's Behind the Lack of Confidence

"Economists are scrambling to understand why Americans are so pessimistic about the economy.  A leading theory blames the funk on the collapse in housing prices, which has erased a vast amount of wealth and convinced many Americans that they will never recover financially." New York Times


China's Inflation Rates: Signs of Market Imperfections

Ryan Avent points out that: "if one uses a different measure of inflation in China to convert its nominal exchange rate into a real exchange rate, the Chinese Yuan (CNY) has actually appreciated quite a bit in real terms in recent years."  The Street Light


Spotlight G20

"As the G20 takes its November meetings into the belly of the eurozone crisis, its food security agenda drifts toward irrelevance. Or worse. Early promises to address commodity speculation and market volatility have given way to tepid recommendations."  Triple Crisis


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