Reading List: The not-so-governmental guide to the unemployment rate

22nd December 2011

The New International Economic Disorder

A new economic order is taking shape as the old Western powers and the emerging world's major new players converge. "But the forces driving this convergence are not those that generations of economists envisaged when they pointed out the inadequacy of the old order." Project Syndicate


Italy's economic woes are a warning sign for harsher times ahead

The eurozone's third-largest economy is in recession and analysts predict worse to come. Its failure could affect everyone. The Guardian


IMF Chief Economist's Four Lessons From 2011

Olivier Blanchard, the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, points to four main lessons from 2011 that he says explain why the year is ending much worse than it started. Wall Street Journal


No need to be Alabama

Henry Oliver on UK immigration policy: "Unemployment is the result of the recession; limiting immigration will not solve that. And the lesson from Alabama is that it might make it worse, for us and for decent salads everywhere." Adam Smith


The Not-so-governmental Guide to the Unemployment Rate

Pretty much all of our unemployment statistics come from the government. How are these stats drawn and do they give a clear, honest representation of the current labour market? The answers may make you say, "zoinks."


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