Reading List: ‘To save the euro we must destroy Germany’

17th November 2011


To Save the Euro we Must Destroy Germany

Mike Shedlock analyses the implications of Chancellor Merkel statement that Germany is ready to cede some sovereignty to save the euro. "For starters Merkel is saying what she wants. It is debatable if that is what Germany wants at all." Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis


America's New Robber Barons

So Occupy Wall Street is right: the financial firms are much to blame for runaway incomes at the top. "Yet understanding the nature of inequality in America should place the focus where it truly belongs, on the other 99 percent." That's the assessment of Jeff Madrick. NYR Blog


Bank reform: getting the policy right

Eamonn Butler talks about The Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) – set up by George Osborne.  "Create new, 'safe' banks if you want to – but not at the cost of lots more regulation and dismembering Britain's hugely important financial services sector."  Adam Smith


Still Running

"When it comes to how much U.S. taxpayers will eventually be on the hook for, the meter just keeps running." Michael J. Panzner highlights the growing number of big institutions who are facing losses and want the government to bail them out. Financial Armageddon


Has a Harvard Professor Mapped Out the Next Step for Occupy Wall Street?

Alesh Houdek believes that a new book by Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig, in which he reviews the 30 years of deregulation that led up to the financial crisis, "is perfectly positioned to become the movement's handbook." The Atlantic


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