Reading List: What Can Save the Euro?

6th December 2011

Investment should be left to the private sector, not the government

Vic Vukovic on last week's autumn statement: "If anyone had any doubts, one thing was made clear – the UK, much like the US, is embracing fully on a Keynesian path to recovery." Adam Smith


Eichengreen on U.S. Fiscal Policy

"Given low interest rates and the still-weak U.S. economy, it will be tempting for the U.S. government to continue running deficits and issuing additional debt. At some point, however, investors will recognize this behavior for the Ponzi scheme it is." Greg Mankiw's Blog


What Can Save the Euro?

It is increasingly evident that Europe's political leaders do not have a good grasp of what is required to make the single currency work. "Public-sector cutbacks today do not solve the problem of yesterday's profligacy; they simply push economies into deeper recessions." Project Syndicate


Q&A: S&P warns of rating cuts

Standard & Poor's said on Monday that it may cut the credit ratings of 15 of the eurozone's 17 countries. Here are the reasons behind its move. The Telegraph


Infographic: The U.S.-euro-zone connection

This infographic shows the euro-zone fiscal crisis puts at risk billions in U.S. trade exports and bank investments. Washington Post


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