Reading List: What’s a ‘fair’ tax for the mega millionaires?

12th April 2012

The case for gold

"The purchasing power of gold is as good now as it was in 1900. The pound lost 99 per cent of its value over the same period. As a store of value, gold wins hands down because its supply is inelastic: you can't create more of it every time you need to bail out a bust financial sector or bankroll a profligate government." Adam Smith Institute


Reversing Europe's Renationalization

George Soros, a pioneer of the hedge-fund industry, presents three ways in which Europe can escape its deflationary debt trap. Project Syndicate


Yet Another Mercantilist-Cronyist (But I Repeat Myself)

After Gov. Romney thundered that he'll pursue "trade policies that work for us, not just for our opponents." Don Boudreaux says "here speaks the all-too-familiar code of politicians and their cronies who insist that trade's benefits are found, not in more abundance for consumers, but in more sales for producers" Cafe Hayek


The Imbalances in China's Economy

An Interview with Nicholas R Lard, author of "Sustaining China's Economic Growth After the Global Financial Crisis," in which he talks about the roots of the imbalances, and whether China's economic boom could come to a crashing halt. New York Times


What's a 'Fair' Tax for the Mega Millionaires?

Polls say Americans want higher rates on the rich. But when one poll asked how much lottery winners should pay, over half said 10% or less. Two university professors think these results contradict popular support, especially among Democrats, for raising taxes on the rich. The Wall Street Journal


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