Reading List: Why Fear, Greed Block Successful Financial Planning

3rd January 2012


Look Past Taxes to Fix Global Puzzle of Inequality

Clive Crook explores the ineqaulity gap in America, and why the democrats may have got it wrong. Bloomberg


My Last Death Threat in 2011

James Altucher explains why we have reason to hope during 2012 – And why he's receiving death threats becasue of it. Stock Twits


Why Fear, Greed Block Successful Financial Planning

Financial adviser Carl Richards gave himself bad advice. During the housing boom, Richards bought a place in Las Vegas with no down payment. He then borrowed more money against his home, and when the economy tanked, he was forced to sell the house for less than the original loan. NPR


A Quiet Putsch in Hungary?

A putsch, as any dictionary will tell you, refers to the violent overthrow of a government. Hungary has not been subject to that kind of action per se, but rather a more insidious grab for power. Its new constitution goes into effect today, and while perfectly legal, marks the end of Hungary’s flirtation with liberalism. Credit Writedowns


Crowd-Sourcing the Revolving Door

A series of incredible venn diagrams to illustrate the revolving door between Big Business and US government. Naked Capitalism


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