Reading List: Why Germany Should Leave the Euro Zone

19th April 2012

Why Germany Should Leave the Euro Zone

Michael Sivy argues that a German exit from euro would take pressure off the weaker countries. Furthermore, the costs of breaking up the euro zone will have to be paid no matter who leaves. TIME

The Population Boon

"For most of the past two centuries Malthusian fears of demographic doom have obscured the increasingly evident fact of a global demographic dividend." American Interest

Keynes For Muppets: Elmo Explains The National Debt

Your favourite Muppet uses income per capita – a meaningful measure of economic strength that ordinary Americans can relate to, to expose "pro-growth" policies for what they actually are: "An excuse to loot the country in broad daylight." Zero Hedge

The ten trends that have shaped the last century, and that will shape the next

The list includes: Unrelenting growth, uneven growth, war and peace, technology without borders and the transformation of work and wages. Not many surprises then. Economics for public policy

Isn't the Euro crisis boring – will Sunday change it?

"Sunday though sees the French election and a very good chance of the end of Mr Sarkozy as French President. Without the Ozy for Angela' Merk we will have a new world." Capitalist@Work

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