Reading List: Why the euro isn’t worth saving

25th April 2012

The Economics of a Part-time Drug Dealer

"You have to consider that in the region I'm operating in, the market's kind of flooded. And in order to compete, I have to keep my prices pretty steady. So basically, clients and the market determine my rate and profit" The Billfold


A free market solution to pollution

In light of a new World Health Organization report that shows the production coal causes 161 deaths per terawatt hour, Sam Bowman says "A free market solution to pollution would, through courts or voluntary agreement, force polluters to compensate the people they pollute against." Adam Smith Institute


Is high public debt harmful for economic growth? New evidence

In a new paper (Panizza and Presbitero 2012) challenge the view that high public debt leads to slow economic growth. Rather, it may be the other way round – slow growth causes high debt. Vox Eu


Why the Euro Isn't Worth Saving

According to Matthew O'Brien, the ECB's one-size-fits-one policy (but really one-size-fits-none policy) shows that Europe doesn't have the institutions it needs to make the euro work. "If it did, there wouldn't be a crisis." The Atlantic


The hunt for the next Bank governor

Click to see the possible contenders to take over as governor of The Bank of England after Sir Mervyn King steps down next year. The Guardian


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