Return of the Pre-Euro currency

28th May 2012


Return of the Pre-Euro currency: How a 21-year-old Clonesman is bringing back the Irish punt (Telegraph)

1.5million fewer tourists=more than a percentage point drop in GDP and potential loss of 100,000 summer jobs. Why the Greek tourism decline spells disaster (WSJ)

Would Europe's elite welcome the Greeks? How financial contagion could mean immigration backlog for the UK (Daily Mail)

From hot dogs and hostility to cakes and costumes: How the first Diamond Jubilee since 1897 has evolved from the '77 Silver celebration (Economist)

Despite a bailout, Bankia's share prices take an 11% nosedive (Citywire)

VIDEO: Simon Derrick explains to John Authers how China's foreign exchange reserves drive the Euro (FT)


What if the EU money system was located in the U.S. with a member state headed for bankruptcy? David Zervos' take on the California crisis (Zero Hedge)

The U.S. borrows the equivalent of Germany's entire GDP every two years. On Memorial Day, one blogger asks: What does "sacrifice" look like? (Zero Hedge)

As oil advances for a third day in New York, Ben Sharples examines how Iran's output of enriched uranium could signal an EU bailout (Bloomberg)


A world without Google and Facebook? Eric Jackson on why these Internet giants may soon go the way of MySpace (Forbes)


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