Right now it is cheaper to fly to Spain than take the Heathrow Express

27th November 2014


It is currently cheaper to fly to Madrid than take the Heathrow Express new research has claimed.

According to an analysis from flightright.co.uk, a consumer portal for air passenger compensation, a family of four can expect to pay £63, one way, if they take Heathrow Express to the airport. In contrast however, the same family flying to Spain would shell out just £53.20 if travelling this month.*

In fact, the study asserted that Heathrow is now the most expensive airport to get to across the whole of Europe – as an adult single ticket costs a whopping £26, some six times the price of a train ticket to Birmingham airport, which is just £3.50 from Birmingham City Centre.

Stansted takes silver in the price stakes, with a single on the Stansted Express costing £23.40. The figures reveal that London-based airports make up four out of the top five most expensive airports to reach across the whole of Europe. Stockholm is the only airport outside of London to make the top five, with a cost of £22.07 for an adult single. In contrast, travelling to Paris Orly Airport costs just £5.89, and to reach Madrid and Rome airport, travellers will pay just £3.92 and £4.40 respectively.

Commenting on the research, Marek Janetzke, managing director of flightright.co.uk said: “It’s easy to get caught out by high train fares so travellers should plan ahead to find the most cost effective way of getting to and from the airport. Flying can be expensive and travellers should remember that it’s easy to get money back in compensation if there are issues with your journey such as flight delays.”

Price to travel by train to UK airports from the local city centre

Ranking UK Airport Cost per adult single (£)
1 London Heathrow 26.00
2 London Stansted 23.40
3 London Gatwick 17.70
4 London Luton 15.50
5 Bristol 7.00
6 Manchester 4.80
7 Southampton 3.50
8 Birmingham 3.50
9 Newcastle 3.30
10 Glasgow 3.30



Ranking of most expensive in Europe European Airport Cost per adult single train fare to airport (£) European Country
1 London Heathrow 26.00 UK
2 London Stansted 23.40 UK
3 Stockholm 22.07 SWEDEN
4 London Gatwick 17.70 UK
5 London Luton 15.50 UK



Ranking of least expensive in Western Europe European Airport Cost per adult single train fare to airport (£) European Country
1 Pisa 0.94 ITALY
2 Catania 1.02 ITALY
3 Lanzarote 1.06 SPAIN
4 Fuerteventura 1.10 SPAIN
5 Milan Linate 1.18 ITALY

 *Based on a one way ticket to Madrid for two adults and two infants on Skyscanner travelling on 27th November 2014


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