Riots: Business fears Britain global brand has been “tarnished”

12th August 2011

The Guardian reports on the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) saying that it is concerned with Britain's reputation. The director general, David Frost, said: "We need to focus on more than the immediate aftermath of the riots. The UK's image has suffered a significant blow this week, with knock-on impacts for our retail and tourism industries, as well as international investment in our cities and towns. We now need to show the world that Britain remains a secure and strong destination for investment and business growth."

Polling firm ComRes shows an alarming 83 per cent of London businesses believe the capital's reputation may have been damaged.

VisitBritain, the tourist promotion authority withdrew a video promoting Britain world wide.

On Time magazine, writer Jay Newton-Small says "Images of "London Burning" were broadcast all around the world. Countries such as Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark and Finland issued travel advisories. "Violence has now spread to Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool," tweeted Vardan Kondvikar, editor of India's Lonely Planet Magazine. "Try to avoid travel to the U.K. this week if possible."

She also notes that the Chinese media called into question the security of the London Olympics. Ironically, June was the UK's best ever month for tourism at 2.89 million visitors.

Here the BBC interview businesses in Clapham in London. It puts the latest estimate, just for the clean up, at £200m and some businesses are still worried they may not be covered.

The government have said businesses may be able to claim from their local police authorities while the Association of British Insurers is also providing lots of advice on its website.

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