Royal Mail shares – you should know your allocation by Friday morning in time for ‘conditional dealing’

9th October 2013

Investors should know what allocation of shares in Royal Mail they will receive by Friday this week says Hargreaves Lansdown. The broker has issued an explanatory note, in which it suggests that the best way to view shares and to deal in them is through an online broker and of course, Hargreaves Lansdown Vantage Service – is one such service.

Richard Hunter, Head of Equities, Hargreaves Lansdown says: “We expect share allocations will be announced so investors will know how many shares they have received in time for the start of conditional dealing at 8.00 am on Friday 11 October.” The shares will be fully listed on the stock exchange on Tuesday 15th.

The firm says that if the application for shares is scaled back, investors have three options – they can purchase more Royal Mail shares, though obviously not at the float price but at the market price, they can purchase other investments or get the money back.

The note also explains conditional dealing. HL says most private investors, including its customers, who applied through an intermediary should be able to deal during the conditional dealing period. However the firm warns that investors should be aware that if for any reason Royal Mail cancels the listing, all deals will be void. It is also not possible to buy shares within an ISA or SIPP during conditional trading though sales are permitted.

HL’s dealing commission on Royal Mail shares ranges from £5.95 to £11.95 per deal.

28 thoughts on “Royal Mail shares – you should know your allocation by Friday morning in time for ‘conditional dealing’”

  1. Monir says:

    Is it better to sell during the conditional or unconditional period?

    1. The editor says:

      That depends on the price and your assessment of this and how long you want to hold on to the shares for.

      1. dlp6666 says:

        Assume we want to get the maximum possible ‘stag’ short-term profit – sell asap on Friday, or wait until Tuesday?

  2. nasher says:

    so the fact that the full amount has gone out of my bank account is no indication of the amount i’ve been allocated?

    1. chris says:

      nope. were all in the same boat buddy

  3. bob says:

    post early for Christmas a strike is coming

  4. joe says:

    can i buy into my PTA during conditional dealing?

  5. Gary says:

    Think I made a mistake buying through government website. Does anyone know if I can sell during conditional trading?

    1. TD12 says:

      For small purchases buying through the government website was the more sensible choice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t sell tomorrow. Typically, in these over-hyped issues, the craze runs for a few days. The biggest gains come on those days. So, sell after three or four days when the dust settles down. Also, remember this: there is a possibility that the share will fall either tomorrow or later. Hype always results in panic selling at some point. Even Apple was a victim of that. So, take care. Don’t expect magic.

  7. Harr1977 says:

    basically £5k has been taken from my account by the government website, I don’t think I got allocated any shares, and they haven’t put the money back into my account. Um…..slightly concerned!!

    1. Steve says:

      Me to, my money has been taken with no email or way to find out the share allocation.

      what should be done next?

  8. katie robins says:

    I put in an application for 1500 and have heard nothing – would I have been informed if I had received any or how do I find out? many thanks

    1. marymint says:

      I m in same boat ive also heard nothing

      1. Benidorm says:

        Me too £1000 taken from my ac but still no email wtff?

        1. Donna says:

          If you don’t hear anything by email, it seems that you opted for the share certificate rather than holding online. My husband and I both went for the online option but, having heard nothing, I phoned and was told I had opted for the certificate and had to wait until it arrived by post. Defo didn’t go for the certificate option but there’s nothing in the confirmation email to say which box we ticked. Also, was told that the certificate was posted on Wed and there’s no sign of it yet. Wonder if they put the correct postage on it…. !

    2. marymint says:

      does anyone know what is going on with shares havnt heard a thing

  9. jaydee says:

    my partner, myself, my daughter and her partner all applied for shares, we all got ref no, but i didnt get an email,but they all did.also my money hasnt been taken out of my account, but theirs has. does this mean they has bought their share and my purchase has failed?

  10. ChrisB says:

    I applied for £10,000 and the money was taken out of my bank account but I’ve not heard whether I’ve been allocated any or not. So how do I find out ?

    1. Nick says:

      Same boat here. 10K light and no info.

      1. ChrisB says:

        Ring 0330 1230147 and have your share allocation number to hand. They told me I’ve been allocated £750 and the certificate was posted yesterday :-) The difference will be refunded by 21st October apparently

        1. Nick says:

          Thanks Chris

        2. NigelD says:

          Thanks for info. still heard nothing so rang the number. They confirmed allocation and that the balance of money will be credited back to my account. still annoyed that I had no idea how I could sell. They seemed surprised I had not received e-mail.

          1. ChrisB says:

            Hi Nigel. Did they give you any advice on selling ? I’ve no idea either ! Haven’t received my certificate yet, but then I guess it’s coming by Royal Mail 😉 Hopefully it will arrive today.

  11. Chris Mc says:

    i have applied and had a share offer number sent to me. I may of deleted the email explaining what i was allocated if it was in my spam? How can i re-check if i have been allocated any shares? i applied direct via web site and paid £1500. Any suggestions on how to check?

  12. Roy Essex says:

    I still have not received my shares who do I contact

  13. lauralouise90 says:

    The shares are going up and up at the moment -I’d definitely hold out until next week before selling

  14. Arsh says:

    £750 has been taken out of my account, but I have not received any communication, share certificate or any reference number. Is there any email address I could write to?

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