Russia and China cement business alliance

6th June 2012


Putin's visit to China yields pivotal cooperation agreements between Russia and the People's Republic (RT)

Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security warns that the retirement age will be pushed back (China Daily)  


Argentine Foreign Ministry begins criminal proceedings against 5 UK firms for drilling (or hydrocarbon exploration?) in the Falklands (The Telegraph)

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How the microinsurance increase is changing the rhetoric of AIDS (Opinionator)


God Save the Queen: The UK economy is still down, but the Diamond Jubilee has provided a £700 million revival (Bdaily Business Network)

How first quarter tension regarding the Eurozone-and Hollande's proposed 75pc top rate of income tax-have steadied the UK housing market (The Telegraph


As Cyprus inches towards a bailout, whispers of banking troubles in Spain have become outright cries for help (The Telegraph)


Fewer jobs added to the U.S. economy than expected results in an Asian equity decline (Citywire)


With Facebook's stalk down 32 percent from its IPO price, Nasdaq takes the first steps towards brokerage compensation (The FT


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