Saving Private Euro: What if Spain falls?

26th June 2012


The Dollar Union: Could We Boot Alabama? Should New York Secede?

With states like Mississippi, New Mexico, and Alabama relying on ginormous transfers of federal taxes in the form of unemployment benefits and Medicaid, would New York, California and Texas be better off with their own currencies? The Atlantic


Saving Private Euro: What if Spain falls?

It is not just the crisis that is escalating; so too is the discussion on the potential solutions. This piece by Bernard Delbecque proposes what to do if Spain is next to fail. Vox Eu


Are Recoveries from Banking and Financial Crises Really So Different?

After studying the behavior of recoveries from recessions across 59 developed and emerging economies over the past 40 years, three academics find little or no difference in the pace of output growth across different types of recessions. The Big Picture


A Fiscal History Lesson

David Henderson says despite what we often hear: that big cuts in government spending over a short period of time are a bad idea, empirical evidence shows "that after the biggest percentage government spending cuts in American history-the cuts in government spending after World War II-the economy boomed." Hoover Institution


Housing benefit changes would only plaster over the cracks in government policy

After the government's announcement that it could scrap housing benefit for under-25s, Pete Spence explains why the reasons for needing housing benefit in the first place are largely driven by state failure. Adam Smith Institute


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