Scottish Power cuts bills by up to £32 per year, but experts say it is “too little, too late”

2nd February 2016


Scottish Power  is the latest of the Big Six energy suppliers to cut standard tariffs, which will fall by 5.4%, or £32 per year, from March 15.

Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket, says: “[The price reduction is] hardly worth shouting about.

“These price cuts are long overdue considering the sharp falls seen in wholesale gas prices over the last year, but they just don’t hit the mark.

“So while we await the last of the Big Six to address the cost of their tariffs, consumers can rest assured the best deals can be won by switching, and not staying on standard tariffs.”

James Padmore, Head of Energy, agrees that the move is “too little too late,” and says “Scottish Power is probably banking on the weather warming up and less energy being used as a result.”

Ben Wilson, energy spokesperson at, says: “The big six are playing a game with consumers and it simply isn’t good enough. Their focus seems to be on doing the bare minimum and benchmarking themselves on competitors, rather than genuinely passing on savings for consumers.

“While the big six take turns to line-up and chip just £32 off their loyal customers’ standard gas bills, we’ve got one of the most competitive price wars in recent times taking place in the energy market.  The top 10 dual fuel best-buys are now all under £780, on average, representing a saving of up to £328 for those that switch.

“The sad reality for most UK energy customers is that the only way to guarantee they are getting a good deal is by taking matters into their own hands and switching to take advantage of one of the cracking deals on offer at the moment.”

See below for table of the best current deals:





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