Shares in OPG Power Ventures are a ‘buy’

17th August 2015

Graham Spooner, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, is tipping Indian firm OPG Power Ventures as a ‘buy’, he explains why…

OGP is an Indian electricity company that owns coal-fired power plants, and we believe it is an interesting stock choice for investors seeking growth within their portfolio. With the country’s demand for power in excess of supply, the group’s management are confident that their expanding operations will be a beneficiary and lead to further growth options.

OPG has had a number of new plants come on stream in 2015, and the company has a good record for hitting its schedule.

Potential investors will appreciate that the group’s results continue to highlight the progress it has made over the last year, and management believes that it is well positioned for the future. Those interested should note that the share price hit an all-time high in November, however a 10% fall since then provides a more attractive entry point for investors.

With new energy plants increasing output and high demand of its services, we are currently recommending shares in OPG as a ‘buy’ for investors. Bright prospects, including the Indian Government’s desire to have reliable power as a foundation for social, industrial and economic growth, make this a choice for investors looking for growth, but also willing to accept a higher degree of risk.

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