Six views from the bloggers on the US debt downgrade.

3rd June 2011

Reuter's Felix Salmon is sarcastic about Moody's assertion that AAA doesn't mean risk free, but he also mulls the fact that US treasuries and UK gilts are now in the middle group in the AAA club – a group of two referred to as ‘resilient' with Spain and Ireland, among others, in a group regarded as ‘vulnerable' and Germany, France and Singapore, among others, in a group known as ‘resistant'. 

Canada's Financial Post does a great run down of what a range of analysts think here.

Business Insider is in sceptical mood about Moody's

And in this further post is sceptical about how US politicians are misinterpreting the warning for their own political ends.

Finally and in related topic FT Alphaville makes much of this note from Morgan Stanley casting doubt on the UK's debt dynamics. But that is a whole other stories.

Finally here Citywire looks at the bearish view on Treasuries from PIMCO and the bullish one from Capital Economics

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