Sony Playstation Network: What are the financial implications of the security breach?

28th April 2011

The firm has called in a security consultant to investigate how its PS3 system was hacked into and the details of 77 million Playstation 3 users stolen. The system remains suspended increasing the frustration of users.

The message boards are frantically debating how the firm could have lost the information, whodunnit, and the level of risk to its users, here on Wired .

E-commerce Times believes competitors such as Nintendo could steal a march.

So far however analysts seem relatively unconcerned about long term damage as reported here on CNBC.

Though they suggest Micosoft's Xbox could benefit, having never suffered issues of this sort.

Yet despite the continued suspension, Sony shares rose slightly in Tokyo mid week, in contrast to other stocks which suffered due to broader economic concerns about Japan.

E-commerce Times also linked the Sony story to problems suffered at Amazon and asked if it has implications for cloud computing in general.

However Blogsite Voyces which connects a group of professionals from the cloud computing world, considers whether the cloud is a safe place to locate a business. It decides that it is still the best place to be for many.

Phil Pearlman, executive editor of Stocktwits, writing recently about Amazon's technial difficulties and cloud computing thinks that "the down time at Amazon is more representative of a new and profound technology being applied in its early days"

But perhaps the issue is less clear cut if a big firm has lost your details. 


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