Spring spruce up: Britons to spend £3,000 each on home renovations

18th March 2016


Home refurbishments are top of the list as the seasons change with the average household set to spend £3,404 on sprucing up their home.


Research by American Express has found the advent of spring and the long Easter weekend have homeowners putting plans in place to renovate their homes.


Britons will spend on average £678 on renovations, £433 on home repairs and £314 on soft furnishings this year.


Top of the wish list for their homes are structural renovations like extensions, followed by home repairs, soft furnishings, painting and decorating, and living room furniture.


A third of people said their homes could do with freshening up and 15% said their house proud nature is motivating them to spend money.

In order to save money on costly makeovers, 35% are planning to do the work themselves and 12% would consider asking a friend or family member to lend a hand.


Almost one in three (27%) will hit the sales to keep costs down and 21% will use discount websites.


Catherine Prentke, director at American Express, said: ‘Homeowners are looking to invest in revamping and revitalising their homes in 2016. However the cost of home improvements can soon add up. That’s why we’re encouraging people to consider putting their spend on a card which allows them to earn cashback or rewards on their shopping.’


Those living in Edinburgh will spend more than £1,598 on major home renovations, twice the national average. While those in Leeds will spend £653 on average on home repairs like new windows and doors.


Soft furnishings are a favourite among Londoners who plan to spend £467 on average on curtains and cushions this year. While those in Manchester will spend on average £350 this year on painting and decorating.



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