Super injunction: Social media in spotlight again as Twitter users post details of actor and alleged mistress

6th June 2011

The actor had taken out a super injunction after a six-month sexual relationship with a fellow femail actor was discovered by his wife, as reported on the Daily Mail website.

In April, three Appeal Court judges said privacy laws meant the figure must be protected from public exposure by a newspaper which had planned to report details of the affair and its aftermath.

Lord Justice Ward said the actor, known by the initials ETK had started the affair in November 2009 with his colleague, known only as X.

On Sunday a newspaper in Ireland claimed to have unmasked the actor with his name and photograph "plastered all over the publication, along with details of his alleged affair with a colleague".

Their  identities are still not allowed to be revealed in Britain, however on social networking site Twitter, more than 100,000 users have already seen claims of ETK's true identity and that of his well-known mistress.

Thousands more have seen speculation on the online reference site Wikipedia .

Last month British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would seek to act against super-injunctions and set up a committee of MPs and Lords to suggest reform.

In the meantime it looks like the debate over the use of super injunctions by the wealthy and well known will continue to rumble on.

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