Supermarkets slash the price of diesel to less than £1 per litre

4th January 2016


The New Year is already fueling consumer spending power as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda have all followed Morrison’s lead and cut the price of diesel to less than £1 per litre – marking its cheapest price since 2009.

From Monday 4 January, Sainsbury’s is dropping the price of diesel to 99.9p, across its 301 forecourts.

At the same time, Tesco has cut the price to 99.7p at its petrol filling stations while Asda is now charging the same.

Avishai Moor, Sainsbury’s head of fuel, said: “This is great news for diesel drivers and kicks off 2016 on a really positive note.

“We hope that this will help motorists to balance their budgets in the quieter period after Christmas and the New Year.”

Morrisons was the first to move, announcing in December that motorists filling up with unleaded at a Morrisons petrol station will pay no more than 99.9p per litre.

It marked the first time any retailer has brought its everyday price down to below the £1 mark since June 2009.

The lowering of fuel costs comes in the wake of continuing weakness in the oil price, which has hit its lowest level in more than a decade.

RAC Fuel Watch spokesman Simon Williams said: “This is just the news motorists were expecting to hear after we reported this week that wholesale fuel prices were coming down again as the price of a barrel of oil fell below $40.”

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