The 1 percent’s problem

1st June 2012

 The 1 Percent's Problem

"There are good reasons why plutocrats should care about inequality – even if they're thinking only about themselves. The rich do not exist in a vacuum. They need a functioning society around them to sustain their position." Vanity Fair


Anatole Kaletsky on A New Capitalism

One of the UK's leading commentators on economics says the next phase of capitalism will involve a new balance between government and markets – something different both from the market fundamentalism that failed in 2008 and from the overweening government that failed in the 1970s. The Browser


Pay-to-play economists

Using two economists to illustrate his argument: one Republican (R. Glenn Hubbard), the other a Democrat (Larry Summers), Charles Ferguson describes how "significant portions of American academia have deteriorated into ‘pay to play' activities." Real-World Economics Review Blog


The United States of Cartels

"Price stabilization" and "harmonization" are dangerous euphemisms for anti-growth policies, writes Richard A. Epstein. Hoover Institution


Dim Prospects for Financial Crisis Prosecutions

Peter J. Henning cites two news items from the past week which show that the likelihood for a signature case arising out of the financial crisis is near zero. Deal Book


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