The Apprentice: A victory for substance over style?

18th July 2011

Commentators on the BBC's Apprentice webpages appeared divided over whether the 32-year-old entrepreneur had what it took to make the most of the Amstrad bosses investment.

Davros wrote: "Ha ha, the 'right man'. In a business sense, an affable buffoon, but Sugar will end-up spoon-feeding him as the tasks proved as nice guy that he is, he can't cope. Susan & Helen proved far more efficient overall and will go on to be more successful career-wise IMO"

However Disco Tony agreed with Lord Sugar's decision. "Great result. Someone with imagination and ability wins – rather than a self-obssessed, delusional egomaniac. Well done, Tom!"

Lord Sugar, 64, appeared to have reservations over his scheme to design new office chairs when the final of the Apprentice series aired on Sunday night.

Pellereau's office furniture idea competed with those of Jim Eastwood, who came up with an e-learning service for schools and Susan Ma wanted to expand her organic skincare company.

The fourth finalist, Helen Milligan, aimed to launch a national concierge service.

Lord Sugar named Pellereau as his business partner, saying that despite being the worst-performing winner of The Apprentice, he had a "gut feeling" about Pellereau.

Earlier in the series Lord Alan provoked the fury of engineers with comments made last week on The Apprentice about engineers’ lack of business acumen.

Engineer/entrepreneur Sir James Dyson had responded that UK businesses needed ideas and problem solvers; something engineers could provide.

More: Lord Alan Sugar versus Sir James Dyson. But did Sugar have a point?

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