The botched Facebook IPO and the dilemma of stock options and falling prices

5th October 2012

Forbes tackled the matter head on with an article by one of the journal's staff writers Nathan Vardi, unambiguously entitled: "The Man Responsible For Facebook's Stock Debacle Is Mark Zuckerberg". I've seen snappier titles, but this one makes its point up front.

The second verdict comes from Barrons, which never liked the idea of Facebook's IPO, regarding it as way too rich a bet on a company that still had to find a coherent way of monetizing its huge but fickle user base.  With Facebook's price down somewhere between $17 dollars and $23 dollars at the time of writing (September 23), a long way off its IPO high of $38, Barrons still regards the stock as hugely over-priced. This has to be extremely bad news for Facebook staff, who have been the recipients of large chunks of Facebook stock options, unless the current nosedive turns out to be simply teething problems and the stock learns how to fly.

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