The dream home for many Britons? A four-bed detached property in the South West

23rd April 2015


For Britons, the “dream home” is a four bedroom detached property by the sea in South West England, a survey from AA Home Membership has found.

The analysis also showed that a modern property would be ideal, for 31% of respondents. A home in the countryside was also a popular choice, at 39% but in contrast, just 6% said their perfect place would be in a city.

The South West was the most desired part of the country to reside, where 26% of those surveyed said they would choose to live. However, the research also revealed that if money were no object, many people would choose to stay in their local area. For example, 69% of Scots say their dream home would be in Scotland and 71% of Welsh respondents would stay in Wales.

But it was not a trend that extended to the whole of the country. More than a third, at 35%, of those living in the West Midlands would like to live in the South West, while 29% would choose to stay put. Similarly, only 20% of respondents living in the East Midlands would continue living there while more than a quarter, at 27%, would also like to move to the South West.

Helen Brooker, head of AA Home Membership said: “This research shows that the British public largely agree about what they want in a dream home – except for the location.

“It’s interesting that, if given the chance to live anywhere, many people would choose to live in the area where they’re from. But other than that, the South West is the most popular location in the UK – it certainly is a lovely part of the world. But if everyone went there maybe it would become so crowded it would lose its appeal.”

The research also found that while younger people aspire to own substantial properties, older respondents have more modest ambitions. Homeowners aged over 65 are the age group most likely to want a two or three bedroom home – that’s half, at 52%, of them.

Those who live in the North West are most likely to say that their dream home would not be in the UK, at 19% compared to 13% overall.

Respondents also had strong feelings about the age of their dream property. Some 73% of respondents want a house that’s less than 100 years old and the likelihood of wanting a new property increases with age. ‘Character’ properties that are more than 100 years old are not as popular as some might expect, as only 18% claimed they would like to live in such a home.

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