The Financialist: 5 common ways investors make mistakes

1st October 2012

Quote of the day

Larry Elliot, "This insistence on pain, pain and more pain could break up the euro." (Guardian)

Chart of the day


The impact of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) is stalling.  (New Statesman)

Week in review/preview

Will eurozone jitters reverse the gains made by markets? (This is Money)

A preview of Tesco's (LSE: TSCO) upcoming half-year results. (Motley Fool)


The bulls and the bears agree: hold shares.  (Motley Fool)

The best Cash ISA for beating bankster fraud and the Bank of England's QE.  (The Market Oracle)

Five common ways investors make mistakes.  (Morningstar)


Why this is not Europe's first ‘lost decade.'  (Independent)

A counter-history of what the Obama Administration could have done to strengthen a weak recovery.  (NYT)


How monetary policy is the key to putting the government's fiscal strategy back on track.  (Economics UK)

Perhaps Skidelsky and Adair aren't actually economists? (Adam Smith Institute)


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