The Financialist: Five shares investors should look out for this week

17th September 2012

Quote of the day

Naomi Clayton, "Without intervention to improve the education levels of our young people, the cycles of disadvantage will not be broken." (New Statesman)

Chart of the day


Quantitative easing and the S&P 500 since 2008. (StockCharts Blog)


Income levels of UK households set to rise next year. (BBC)

Why it would be economic madness for the UK to set rates for an independent Scotland. (Herald Scotland)

Will deteriorating national finances undermine the UK's present safe haven status?  (Independent)



Three main reasons why you need to invest. (Morningstar)

Or, if you prefer, 40 billion reasons! (Motley Fool)


Week in review/preview

UK stock market week ahead: Galliford Try, Redrow, Oxford Catalysts.  (UK City Media)

Five shares investors should look out for this week. (Motley Fool)


Peter Cummings

Banning Peter Cummings is a start. But four years on, it's nowhere near enough. (Guardian)

Is Peter Cummings the scapegoat for a generation of financial fools? (Scotsman)


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