The Financialist: Why China not Greece, is Germany’s biggest worry

19th September 2012

Quote of the day

Mariana Mazzucato, "The growing concentration of income at the top in the United Kingdom is both unfair to workers and taxpayers, and damaging to the growth and competitiveness of the economy." (New Statesman)


Chart of the day


Monetary supply – it's not a marathon; it's a steroid-fueled frenzy. (Zero Hedge)


Even a little bit of inflation can be destructive to the economy. (Adam Smith Institute)

Therefore, inflation needs to fall further to restore the growth in real incomes and get consumers spending more. (EconomicsUK)

Does the spike in oil prices mean that quantitative easing is becoming self-defeating?  (Capitalist@Work)

Private Equity: Watch out, you are next. (Fintag's Newsletter)



iPhone 5:  What does it offer small business owners? (Small Business)

What if Apple built an insurance company? (Money Marketing)



Europe's financial crisis is over, at least for now. (Project Syndicate)

Why China not Greece, is Germany's biggest worry. (Reuters)

Euro or not, the economics of everyday Greek life is eroding. (New York Times)


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