The Financialist: Why you cannot grow and cut the economy at the same time

28th September 2012

Quote of the day

Vince Cable, "For too long the mirage of growth based on property speculation and financial gambling has hidden the harder virtues of making things productively." (Public Finance)

Chart of the day


Want to bring down national debt? Then increase migration.  (New Statesman)


Glencore Xstrata merger expected to shake up mining industry. (BBC)

Shares of BlackBerry maker RIM surge 20 percent after seeing its cash pile grow. (Reuters)


Three myths about the impact of higher equity capital requirements busted. (The Economist)

The CSI effect, or the perils of the unfettered free market in education. (new economics foundation)

Why you cannot grow and cut the economy at the same time. (Positive Money)


Investors attracted to Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) should think twice before investing. (Hedgeweek)

Having destroyed huge amounts of shareholder value in the last five years, are banks now buys? (Motley Fool)

Ali Masarwah: "Yield-hungry investors are continuing to pin their hopes on corporate bonds, especially high-yield and emerging-markets debt." (Morningstar)

Personal Finance

Are you wasting money on your broadband? (Money Highstreet)

You know you're a financial adult when… (Money Expert)


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