The price of happiness? £7.6m, say Britons

15th May 2015


They say you can’t put a price on happiness but Britons have, and it costs £7.6 million.


A study by Quidco shows that the average amount Britons claim they would need to be truly happy is £7,646,500.


And to get this money, individuals would be willing to go to great lengths, including swimming with sharks and going to work naked, some would even leave their partner to secure the cash. In fact to leave their partner, individuals said they would do so for £1.3 million but would need £1.4 million to leave their job.


Of those polled, 62% said it was possible for money to bring happiness but one in 10 said they would need at least £50 million to put a permanent smile on their face and the same amount said they would need just £250,000.


Paying off debt as the priority for those who benefited from a cash windfall, with 31% stating this would be their first decision. Another 12% said they would buy their dream home.


Third on the tick list was to invest the money and fourth was to give cash to family.


Vix Leyton of cashback site Quidco, said: ‘The old adage that money can’t buy happiness, however our research shows Brits already have a price in mind for just that.


‘It’s quite staggering the lengths people will go to get free cash – and although our cash back deals might not quite match the life changing sums the average Brit needs to be happy, we can offer a pain free way of getting money back on everyday activities and the cash can quickly rack up towards paying for those little treats along the way.’



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