The real Euro 2012: the economic championship of Europe

8th June 2012

The real Euro 2012: the economic championship of Europe

As Europe's best clash on the football fields of Poland and Ukraine, off the field many of their economies are facing something more like relegation. Check out this interactive infographic to see who would come out on top in the fight to avoid an economic crisis. The Guardian


Mario Draghi: The banker holding Europe hostage

"He can print money. He can lower interest rates. He can fund banks. He can comfort investors. But he refuses to say those words. And that's because he doesn't want to end the crisis. He wants to keep it going." Wonkbook


Fare well to incredible India

Bereft of leaders, one of the world's emerging economies is set to embark on a period of lower growth.  If that were to happen, the human cost could be colossal. The Economist


What a Romney Recovery Might Look Like

If he were in power, Mitt Romney's policy prescriptions would lead to the kind of superior job creation and income growth last seen following the 1981-82 recession, writes Glen Hubbard. Hoover Institution


Europe Crisis: "Bad Romance" on a Global Scale

"Europe is like a couple that wasn't sure they wanted to get married, so instead they decided to just open a joint checking account and see how things went." The Curious Capitalist


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