The top 15 money saving tips for 2015, according to the British public

5th January 2015


Money off apps, vouchers, shopping around, cutting back on takeaways, switching energy provider and down-shifting supermarkets – these are all just some of the ways UK consumers plan to save money in 2015.

Just under half, at 48% of Britons plan to use discount vouchers, coupons and apps to save money in 2015, while 43% will use loyalty and cashback schemes to reduce their outgoings according to a survey commissioned by comparison website

The analysis into the nation’s thrifty tips for 2015 also revealed that many people will try to stretch their household budgets by shopping around for a better deal on a range of goods and services from insurances to grocery shopping and energy bills:

Rank Top 15 money saving tactics for 2015 %
1 Use vouchers, coupons, money off apps to get discounts 48
2 Use loyalty and cashback schemes 43
3 Shop around for cheaper car insurance 31
4 Shop around for cheaper home insurance 30
5 Turn the thermostat down to reduce heating bills 30
6 Cut down on takeaways and ready meals 28
7 Switch energy provider for a cheaper tariff 27
8 Switch to a cheaper supermarket 26
9 Cut out takeaway coffee/coffee shop treats 26
10 Draw up a budget and stick to it 26
11 Reduce the amount spent on holidays 19
12 Review or cancel satellite/cable TV subscription 17
13 Leave car at home and walk or use public transport 15
14 Review or cancel mobile phone contract 13
15 Transfer all credit card debt to a 0% card 8

The analysis also revealed that many are continuing to experience a ‘cost of living crisis’ with 15% admitting to being seriously worried about their finances and 8% saying that they have to rely on credit cards to make ends meet. The survey also concluded:

Matt Sanders, spokesperson at, said: “Our survey suggests that many people will be looking for ways to make their money go further in the New Year – from taking advantage of discounted and cashback offers to shopping around for better deals on a wide range of products and services.

“Simply changing the supermarket where you do your weekly food shop or switching to own brand products can help to reduce your grocery bills, while using a comparison website to shop around for a better deal on your energy, insurance policies, credit cards and mortgage can save you hundreds of pounds on essential outgoings.”

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