The UK’s top 25 money saving tips are…

22nd September 2014


Discount vouchers, coupons and apps top the list of the nation’s favourite money saving tips, with half of UK adults using them to cut the cost of goods and services according to research from comparison site

But when it comes to money matters, it seems women have the better game when it comes to thriftiness but men make bigger savings

Its survey found that men reckon they make the greatest savings, at £693, compared with women with £504, despite the fact that women are much more likely to make use of most of the top 25 money saving tips.

The research into the nation’s money saving habits revealed that people estimate that their thrifty habits save them £596 a year on average.  Smart shoppers are also saving money on their food bills by taking packed lunches to work, ditching take-outs in favour of home cooking and downshifting to a cheaper supermarket.

Some 42% of respondents said the basic need to save money drove their thrifty behaviour, while 33% had picked up money saving instincts from their parents.

The survey also found that while 64% of people were actively using money saving tactics, and most at 62%, were happy to share their money saving efforts. But more than a third, at 35%, said they kept them secret.

When asked why they look for ways to save money, 39% said that they hate unnecessary spending, 37% genuinely need to make savings and 28% said they were on a very tight monthly budget. For 32% saving was just a habit and 18% said that they were ‘tight and proud of it’.

Claire Peate, customer insight manager at, commented: “Women have in the past controlled household budgets within homes, buying the weekly shop and doing the cooking, so it’s not surprising that they top the table when it comes to money saving schemes. Men still tend to earn more, therefore would have more disposable income to spend, so it makes sense that they would save more money by using these saving tactics.

“Our survey suggests that many people are feeling under pressure to save money to make their squeezed budgets go further.  Coupons, vouchers and money-off apps are increasing in popularity and can cut the cost of a wide range of goods and services, from tins of beans, beauty treatments, driving lessons and car tyres, to meals out – helping people to save money on the things they need or want rather than cutting them out altogether.

“Another effective way to cut costs is to shop around for better deals – whether that’s on your weekly grocery shopping, household bills, insurances or other financial products – there are some significant savings to be made.

The UK’s top 25 money saving tips  

Rank Total (%) Men (%) Women (%)
1 Use vouchers, coupons, money-off apps 50 41 59
2 Take a packed lunch to work 44 35 52
3 Use loyalty and cashback schemes 41 35 47
4 Turn the thermostat down to reduce heating bills 41 35 45
5 Do more home cooking and batch cooking 39 32 46
6 Cut down on takeaway meals 39 38 41
7 Shop around for insurances 38 36 40
8 Keep a coin jar and save change 38 32 43
9 Switch energy supplier 29 27 30
10 Cut out takeaway coffee/coffee shop treats 28 25 31
11 Draw up a budget and stick to it 28 28 27
12 Plan meals, make a shopping list and stick to it 27 24 31
13 Downshifting to a cheaper supermarket 27 25 29
14 Never impulse buy – sleep on it 25 24 26
15 Only use cash – not cards 25 26 24
16 Take your own treats to the cinema 25 19 30
17 Buy second-hand instead of new, use sites like eBay or Freecycle 24 19 30
18 Review your satellite or cable subscription or cancel it altogether 21 21 21
19 Don’t use a tumble dryer 20 15 25
20 Never grocery shop on an empty stomach 20 15 24
21 Review your mobile phone contract or come off a contract altogether 19 18 20
22 Leave the car at home and walk or use public transport 19 19 19
23 Cut up your credit cards 15 15 14
24 Transfer all credit card debt to a 0% card 15 13 16
25 Holiday in the UK rather than abroad 11 10 13


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