The week that was: ‘Old-media’ and social-media collide

8th July 2011

"The closure of the News of the World was arguably the biggest media story of the decade – for both old and new media, with social media playing a vital role in not only reporting breaking elements of the story, but as a channel for the public to communicate with brands to lobby them to pull advertising out of the publication."

Creative and marketing media website The Drum's take on the fall out from the phone hacking scandal may end up as the basis for a future examination question when it comes to studying the impact of the internet on communication in the early part of the 21st Century. 

Anyhow the article on The Drum does a good job of stating the obvious.

Of all social media it was the micro-blogging site Twitter which came into its own as events developed, says the Drum. It help spread and fuel speculation as journalists and media commentators spread gossip as well as their own 'insider' details – even former members of News International staff, including former editor Piers Morgan took to Twitter to give their take on events.

The Drum estimates that around a quarter of a million tweets sent in connection to Twitter had a hashtag relating to events around The News of The World; this, it notes, is way more than the super injunction story at its peak, with around 80,000 tweets.

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