Theft increases as shoppers take advantage of Black Friday sales

20th November 2015


UK consumers are expected to spend a record £1 billion on Black Friday and entice thieves in the process.


Next Friday (27 November) marks Black Friday, a day of sales and shopping that has been imported from the US to the UK.


Many people will use the occasion to stock up on cheap Christmas gifts but thieves have other ideas and since 2013, thefts have increased by 18% this year, according to Towergate.


Shoppers are expected to spend over £200 million more than last year in the sales as they scoop up deals in tech, games and clothing meaning homes become a target for burglars.


Drew Wotherspoon of insurance broker Towergate said: ‘In the dark winter months, it’s easy to tell when a house is unoccupied and burglars can use this to their advantage, particularly after a bumper shopping day like Black Friday.


‘People need to know how to keep their house safe and some simple security measures can be enough to make opportunistic criminals think twice before entering an empty home.’


Wotherspoon advised making sure windows and doors are locked and said you shouldn’t leave a key by the back door. As well as this, ensure you keep car keys and other valuables out of sight and away from windows and doors.


Use a timer to turn on lights inside the house when you’re not there or leave a light on. Make sure you draw your curtains at night and switch your burglar alarm on if you have one.

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