Thinking about the UK’s double dip recession

4th May 2012


Greek elections: Be afraid, be very afraid

As the Greeks go to the polls this weekend, Masa Serdarevic says the potential for the "wrong" result to wreak havoc in the markets on Monday morning is real. FT Alphaville


Les Leopold: How Wall Street Drives Up Gas Prices

"When Wall Street turns a market into an enormous casino, prices skyrocket and the economy is threatened. Wall Street did it to housing and now they're doing it again to commodities – especially oil." Naked Capitalism


Myths About World Trade

Myth 1: Mature economies are losing out to emerging markets in trade and thus facing increasing trade deficits. "In fact the balance of trade between advanced and emerging economies isn't worsening." The Atlantic


Two Presidents For Every Boy

"With Barack Obama and John McCain in the White House, 2009 was a pivotal year in American politics. Democrats and Republicans worked together to pass a jobs bill, close Guantanamo and end the recession." – If only that were true. Weakonoimcs


Thinking about the Double Dip Recession in the UK

With contractionary fiscal policy chief among the reason why the UK is in a double dip recession, Menzie Chinn has three other observations that might not be so obvious. Econbrowser


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