Thousands of energy customers in line for £91-a-year price hike

14th April 2015


Households with fixed energy tariffs ending this month could see their energy bills increase by £91.05 a year unless they switch.

Calculations by, the price comparison website, reveal that  six out of eight tariffs ending  on April 30 will give consumers an average 9.43% price sting if they don’t act.

British Gas, Npower, First:Utility and iSupply Energy all have tariffs that come to an end on Thursday April 30, but British Gas customers are the only ones who will benefit from lower bills by being automatically moved to the standard tariff.

Households on the First:Utility iSave Fixed v23 April 2015 tariff and who live in the Norweb distribution area (which includes Manchester, Blackpool and Wigan) could see the biggest jump to their energy bills, with an huge increase of £317.76 (24%) if they are moved onto the £1,308.17 a year iSave Everyday tariff.

iSupply Energy customers on the electricity only iFix tariff will see an increase of 13.16% to their bills if they roll on to the iSupply standard tariff on May 1.

British Gas customers’ bills will automatically fall (by 3.18%) because their standard variable tariff is now cheaper than the British Gas Price Promise April 2015 and Price Promise April 2015 with EnergySmart tariffs which finish at the end of the month. However, even with this reduction, an average customer could save up to a further £243 a year by switching to one of the top ten cheapest fixed deals on the market instead of sticking with British Gas on their standard tariff.

Jeremy Cryer, energy spokesman at, says: “Once your fixed term ends, it’s likely you’ll see your energy bills rise unless you take action, so it’s really worth getting online and seeing what’s out there when your notification letter comes through the door.

“Thanks to switching becoming easier and the rise in popularity of smaller suppliers, the energy market is extremely competitive at the moment. This means there are some great fixed deals available right now, with the top 10 cheapest tariffs available all costing less than £1,000 a year, on average.

“Finding out if you could save money by switching energy supplier online can be a quick and easy process. With significant savings to be found for some households, customers are really doing themselves a disservice by rolling onto their supplier’s standard tariff when their existing fixed deal ends.”

Top ten cheapest dual fuel tariffs:

Supplier Tariff Annual cost Early exit fees
extraenergy Fresh Fixed Price Sept 2016 v1 £913 £25 per fuel
Flow Energy Connect March 2016 £914 None
GnERGY Fixed June 2016 v1 £915 £25 per fuel
Sainsbury’s Energy Fixed Price April 2016 £930 £30 per fuel
First Utility iSave Fixed May 2016 £933 £30 per fuel
Co-operative Energy Fair & Square May 2016 £944 £25 per fuel
Scottish Power Online Fixed Price Energy April 2016 £949 None
npower Price Fix July 2016 £951 None
Green Star Energy Rate Saver 18 Month Fixed 1504 Paperless £957 £30 per fuel
EDF Energy Blue+Price Promise June 2016 £964 None


Impact of tariffs coming to an end on Thursday 30 April 2015 (based on a medium user – 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas per year – paying by monthly direct debit and averaged across all UK regions):

Supplier Tariff coming to an end End


Dual fuel? Annual


Annual cost of standard tariff Difference

(£ and %)

British Gas Price Promise April 2015 30/04/15






British Gas Price Promise April 2015 with Energysmart 30/04/15






EDF Energy Blue +Price Promise April 2015 30/04/15






First:Utility iSave Fixed v9 April 2015 30/04/15






First:Utility iSave Fixed v15
April 2015






First:Utility iSave Fixed v23
April 2015






iSupply Energy iFix (pre 23rdApril 2014) 30/04/15




+ £59.31


Npower Price Fix April 2015 30/04/15







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